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Small gift

Petite gift course can make original work that surprises everyone, such as card stands and scissors.
The original seat bill stand for guests is brought home as it is also becoming a gift ♪
I will be very pleased that you can use a haircut every day!.

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Original box

clear case

fee ¥ 7,600 per person + ※ Work baking cost
※ You can also make painting etc in additional classes.
Production time 2 hour and 30 minutes
Production quantity Produce as many as you can in time
Work production example Card standing, Chopstick restraint.
Work size Size is free
Belongings None (Aprons are available for free use.)
Handed over About 3 weeks from the date of production. If you wish to finish in less than 3 weeks, you will receive an express plan fee.
Other ※ For those who wish to take photos of the production process for free, we will give you the data.
※ Photograph accompanied: possible (※ If free of charge for 1 person on weekdays, 3,800 yen per person accompanied by one person will be charged as seats.)
※ Work burning fee is the electricity cost generated when burning the work in the kiln. Volume (length x width x height) cm X 1.5.
[For example] In the case of a card stand with a work size of 7 cm in width 7 cm in height 4 cm, it will be 290 yen.
Opening time

Flow until the day of trial

First of all, apply!
Please make a reservation by “telephone” or “application form”.

Your belongings on the day

  • Just bring yourself!
We provide tools and aprons. Please wear comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.

Payment method of the day

  • cash

  • credit card
You can pay with “cash” or “credit card”

Opening time

Closed holiday: Wednesday (also on Wednesday if it is a national holiday)

Limited express plan price

The completion of the work takes within 3 weeks from the date of production only those who wish.
We will count on the due date from production date to delivery. It will be charged per person.