Trial Course list

One day trial

People who are new to ceramics can make works easily ♪
Even beginners who have never touched the soil can experience “electric rollover” “hand knot”. You can make something for everyday use such as dish, tea bowl, hot springs, pasta dish, bowl.
This experience course is an experience for those who are interested in pottery but are not confident whether they can do well or not, “those who are clumsy and uneasy …”. Taking advantage of our experience supporting more than 2,000 ceramic artists per year, I was able to do more beautifully than I thought! “” I am happy to use every day! “While encouraging me to receive such a voice, I will support you I will. You can create your favorite course by choosing from two of “hand bending” and “electric aerodynamics”. Please select when you are booking or electric rollover when making a reservation.

Work gallery

mug cup/2 colors of glaze/handbuilding
plate/2 colors of glaze/handbuilding
soup bowl/underglaze/wheel throwing
mug cup/handle・stamp/handbuilding
pitcher/blue glaze/wheel throwing
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Before applying Please choose “Electric Rolling Roller” or “Hand Bearing”. The creation number changes the production content.
Please choose from “Electro Rotorro → 1 time / 2 times / 3 times” “Handedly → 1 time / 2 times”.
* The day change is also possible. Please feel free to contact us.

fee During a discount campaign!
5,500 yen per person → 3,800 yen ~ (until March 31, 2019)
Production time 1 hour and 30 minutes
Work production example Tea cups, tea cups, bowls, salad bowls, coffee cups, dishes, vases, beer cups, Tokutoshi, beverages, shochu cups etc.
Production quantity You can produce as many as you want in time. (Average 2 to 3 works.)
Work size Freedom (Please choose your favorite work from some of the works.)
Belongings None (Aprons are available for free use.)
Handed over About 3 weeks from the date of production. If you wish to finish in less than 3 weeks, you will receive an express plan fee.
Other ※ Work burning fee is the electricity cost generated when burning the work in the kiln. Volume (length x width x height) cm X 1.5.
(We will calculate the height of dish from 4 cm if less than 4 cm.)
[For example]
Work size For cups of 7 cm in length × 7 cm in width × 10 cm in height · · · 690 yen
Work size In the case of rice bowl with vertical 12 cm × horizontal 12 cm × height 7 cm · · 1,410 yen
※ It is the same fee for handworking and electric powered rafts.

Flow until the day of trial

First of all, apply!
Please make a reservation by “telephone” or “application form”.

Your belongings on the day

  • Just bring yourself!
Please come by hand.
We provide tools and aprons. Please wear comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.

Payment method of the day

  • cash

  • credit card
You can pay with “cash” or “credit card”

Flow of trial

    • 1 Please choose a handbuilding or wheel throwing.
    • 2 Please choose each course.
    • 3 You can choose from 1 to 3 times of production.
      Please choose from “handbuilding 2 Pattern” and “wheel throwing 4 Pattern” of the chart.