Q: I have no experience.

A: You do not need any experience for our trial class.

Q: Do you accept credit card?

A: Yes, we do accept credit cards. (Visa, American Express, JCB, Mastercard, Discover)

Q: When are English conducted classes being held?

A: Classes in English is available on Sundays 10am – 9pm.

Q: How long does it take to receive finished pottery?

A: It takes about 3 weeks to complete pottery. For people who live outside of Japan, we usually send the works by EMS (Japan postal express mail service).
The shipping fee is around 4000Yen-6000Yen depending on the number of the pottery you make and where we are sending them.
The fastest firing takes only 7days but we charge express firing fee.

Q: How much is express firing fee?

A: Express firing fee is calculated from the date you made your piece and the date you receive your piece and is added to your regular firing fee.
3 to 7 days – 10000 yen
8 to 14 days – 4000 yen
15 to 21 days – 2000 yen
22 days or more – no additional express fee

Q: How much is the class fee?

A: The basic fee is 3800 Yen and Firing fee is added according to the size of each piece.
Firing Fee – We charge firing fees for works that we fire. The fees are calculated as follows.
High×Wide×Diameter×1.5 =… Yen
For example: 
A cup 7H×7W×10D(㎝)×1.5= 740Yen, 12H×12W×7D(㎝)×1.5= 1510Yen

Q: How much is the international delivery fee?

Delivery fee is about 4000-6000 yen, depending how many works you make and where we are sending them.

Q: Are the fees the same for adults and children?

A: The trial class fee for children’s course and adults’ course are the same. If you wish to do a trial class with your children, there will be a 10% discount. (10%off from ¥3800 will be ¥3420 each)

Q: Are their any additional cost for supplies or clay etc?

A: The costs for supplies and clay are all included in the trial class fee. Other than the trial class fee, you would only have to pay for firing fee for each piece that you make.

Q: If I want to paint the work that I make, can I do it in 1 class?

A: You cannot make and glaze (paint) in one class. We need to bisque fire your work before you glaze (paint). If you wish to try glazing, you can buy 2 trial class ticket which is 6840 yen (10% discount from the original price).

Q: Can the kids paint pottery as well?

A: Of course! The kids can paint as well. Please buy 2 trial class tickets if you wish to make work and paint.