Trial Course list

Poterry painting

Do you not draw the wonderful picture of the pattern of a plant and the animal on ceramic ware?
I have you choose favorite form among a bowl or a cup dish and describe a painting in the top.
You can produce it in the picture taking the first person, the paintbrush in what have you choose the pattern from a sample after a long absence in peace.

Work gallery

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fee Per person 4,800 yen (only as for the first time )+ ※ work burning costs)
Production time 1 hour and 30 minutes
Production quantity Produce as many as you can within the time (Please choose your favorite work from a few of them)
Work production example Plate (+1,350 yen), bowl (+1,300 yen), teacup (+1,000 yen)
*The dough which you cooked here beforehand be accompanied by a picture, and, please do the production.
*It is possible for the picture charge account by a design of oneself whether the design of the picture charge account has you choose it among some samples.
*The cloth to use becomes the porcelain soil.
Belongings None (Aprons are available for free use.)
Handed over About 3 weeks from the date of production. If you wish to finish in less than 3 weeks, you will receive an express plan fee.
Other ※The work burning costs are electricity bills to be caused when I bake a work by a kiln.
It is volume (cm X side cm X height cm long) *1.5 yen.
(as for the height of the dish, the thing less than 4cm calculates 4cm ….)
[, e.g.,]
In the case of a dish of work size 15cm in height X 15cm in width X 4cm in height, it is …1,350 yen

Flow until the day of trial

First of all, apply!
Please make a reservation by “telephone” or “application form”.

Your belongings on the day

  • Just bring yourself!
We provide tools and aprons. Please wear comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.

Payment method of the day

  • cash

  • credit card
You can pay with “cash” or “credit card”

Limited express plan price

The completion of the work takes within 3 weeks from the date of production only those who wish.
We will count on the due date from production date to delivery. It will be charged per person.