For those wishing to give parents a gift for wedding ceremony, full-time lecturers are one to one, advising from design to final finishing.
More than 90% of participants are ceramics for the first time! Please experience dating also ♪
The popularity of No. 1 is to make a tea bowl with “Electric Rolling Stock”! The popularity of hand rails is bowls, tea cups etc.
Messages can also be placed on the large plates, long dishes. We also offer original custom-made paulownia boxes and clear boxes to put completed pieces.
August wedding ceremony still available in advance ★ I also have an express plan.

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Flow of trial

    • 1 Please choose a handbuilding or wheel throwing.
    • 2 Please choose each course.
    • 3 You can choose from 1 to 3 times of production.
      Please choose from “handbuilding 2 Pattern” and “wheel throwing 4 Pattern” of the chart.