I go on a business trip entirely in a ceramic art classroom at a hope place in the suburbs of Tokyo. Please use it for a vocational school and a circle, the training and the welfare program of the company, the event of the children’s association, the event of the school.

Ceramic art experience at kindergarten

How is the business trip ceramic art in Father’s Day, Mother’s Day?

Ceramic art experience at the event

How is house exhibit space, the business trip ceramic art by various events?

Experience ceramics at a company event

A usual conference room becomes the impromptu ceramic art classroom.

corporate training

The getting close in the training institute surely deepens!


Business trip ceramic art lesson rate One 3,500 yen … (a tool rental includes it)
Work burning costs 1 work 1,000 yen … (I can produce a 2-5 work in two hours.)
Travel expenses 10,000 yen – 20,000 yen (because you vary according to 10,000 yen or other areas, please refer for the Tokyo’s 23 wards neighboring.)
Potter’s wheel rental costs One 5,000 yen (I can loan it to four.)
Can participate; the number of people Ten …
Lecturer business trip expense One 10,000 yen (according to the number of people two people – five people.)
Production time From one hour to two hours
Can open a course; a day I guide you
Production contents Hand-crafted pottery making (drawing, tea cup, tea cup, beer mug, via jug, mug, ashtray etc.)
Electric powered wheel making (rice cup, tea bowl, beer cup, canteon, dish etc.)
You can make it freely according to your wishes. Please do not hesitate to consult us.
◎ The work will be refunded after firing at a later date. It will be about a month later.
Potter’s wheel rental costs One 5,000 yen (I can loan it to four.)
Travel expenses 10,000 yen – 20,000 yen (in the Tokyo’s 23 wards neighboring 10,000 yen and others)
Because you vary according to an area, please refer;).
Reservation Please make a reservation for more than one week from an experience-based day.
※It is the rate including the tool rental
※When it is more than 20, the discount is possible
Estimate example Number of people: 20 people
Number of works: 2 works per person
Number of Lecturers: 5
Production time: 2 hours
Renting awkward: 4 units
in the case of.

20 (name) × 3,500 + 20 (name) × 2,000 + 5 (name) × 10,000 + 4 (units) × 5,000 = 180,000 yen
* Since it will protect on floor and desk with blue sheet before production, you can produce without contaminating the meeting room, classroom, gymnasium, hall etc. venue.