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Ceramic Courses



Pottery Wheel

Learning to use the potter’s wheel takes patience, practice, and focus. It is also super-relaxing and rewarding.
If you are a total beginner, we will sit with you for an hour or two of lessons for each of your first several visits. After that people typically find their legs a bit and want to work on their own with occasional advice, troubleshooting, demonstrations of new forms, or rescue missions. There are two instructors here who can help you as much as you want. You'll make a few wobbly small bowls, plates or cups your first couple of visits, and as you get better control you will begin to build out your favorite forms.
For intermediate and advanced potters, we're here when you need us for technical advice, aesthetic opinions, or learning new forms. We also aren't shy with challenging you to explore new directions like altering forms, advanced surface treatments, construction of more complex works, etc.


Handbuilding, or sculpture, is the other way of working with clay. The basic techniques are easier to learn and the range of forms you can produce is much broader. If you are interested in clay, but aren't sure the wheel is for you, think about handbuilding. For the beginner, you will be surprised how easy it is to begin making nice functional ware or artworks on your very first day in less than 30 minute!


Flexable Course

have you ever think of making your original favorite form?

If you have your own Idea ,We support you and prepare the special course for making your own form.

Kid's Course

These workshops are the ideal environment for children to explore their creativity while problem solving. The 3d nature of clay will allow them focus on structure, shapes and forms and adapt to change along the way. Children will be encouraged to explore the wonders of clay and will experiment with a variety of building techniques. We have provided some small plaster molds and patterns to easily making the form. You can paint and decorate it after building. 
You can participate with your child, learning clay techniques and having lots of fun!


Wedding Course

Have you ever think of making your original ceramic work and present it as a gift for your parents in your marriage?

If you would like to make your original ceramic work and give it to your love or your best friends as a gift, we support you to make in wedding course.

You are free to use all kinds of glazes and large variety of clay at school, decorate and fire it.


Ceramic and pottery classes in Tokyo

Shirogane Ceramic Art School offer the ceramic and pottery classes in English for English speakers.This classes also is available for those Japanese who would like to learn English and pottery at the same time.


TEL :03-6318-5858 /Email: info@sirokanetougei.com / Shirogane 5-13-4,Minato ku,Tokyo PBO:108-0072